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What is virtual private hosting?
Last Updated a year ago

Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting is designed to allow one physical server to share its resources, such as memory, storage and processing power, with a number of virtual machines and to use its resources more efficiently without the high cost of maintaining such a hardware system.

VPS web hosting is the answer for customers who want to host multiple domains on a single server unrestricted by operating system types such as Linux or Windows preferences. Customers have full access to their virtual server to install custom software along with the ability to modify the server configuration — which can't be done in a standard shared hosting environment. Each VPS is established on the same hardware and assigned a dedicated IP address, much like a dedicated server.

VPS is popular with web hosting resellers, for example, as it allows them to lease a large VPS block, add their own software, and then divide it among their customers. This allows for individual database requirements and scripting preferences while mitigating reliability and stability concerns. More importantly, Trance Host VPS products provide greater choice and flexibility.

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